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Paper bags for cement

Cement is the most common building material production and consumption of which is constantly growing. However, the properties of cement required in the construction, can create a lot of problems during transportation and storage. Cement produce dust presenting a threat to the environment and human health. Therefore, there are special requirements apply to its transportation and storage.


DSTU BV.2.7-46-2010 requires for packaging cement multilayer sealed (glued on all sides) paper bags. For the filling these bags has a special valve that is sealed after filling of the bag. Therefore, these bags are also called valve bags.


The most widely used due to ease of use got paper bags for cement, 25kg and 50kg. Valve paper bags should be strong, to withstand a certain pressure and not be damaged during transport, shock, drop, or stacking.


All these requirements correspond to paper bags for cement production of "Bumpakservis". They worked well with customers and steady demand.


We accept individual orders for manufacturing of bags. During the manufacturing process at the paper bags according to your order attractive design, enhancing the customer brand recognition can be applied, as well as contact and other information.With examples design for cement bags can be found in our photo gallery of finished products.


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